Links to public domain works of the Cardinal available for free download. It is a work in progress. Pick up an E-Reader and drop them on it so you can have the Manning library everywhere you go.

Henry Edward Manning : His Life and Labours-Leslie

Sermons on Ecclesiastical Subjects- Vol I

Sermons on Ecclesiastical Subjects-Vol II

Sermons on Ecclesiastical subjects-Vol III

The Eternal Priesthood-Manning

Sin and its Consequences-Manning

The Glories of the Sacred Heart- Manning

The Fourfold Sovereignty of God-Manning

The True Story of the Vatican Council-Manning

The Internal Mission of the Holy Ghost-Manning

Towards Evening: Extracts from the Writings of Cardinal Manning

The Manning Papers- PDFs of many of his original letters.


4 Responses to Works-Downloads

  1. croixmom says:

    This just keeps getting better!

    thank you so incredibly, very much!

  2. Mary says:

    This site interests me in that I am looking for Pope St. Pius X’s approbation of his writings as well as the evidence of his approbation by Pope Pius IX.

    Thanks for starting this site.

  3. Ben says:

    Can anyone direct me to where I can find a sermon of Cardinal Manning on the exclusiveness of truth given in the summer of 1890? Within that sermon is His Eminence’s famous couplet which was meant as a retort against Alexander Pope’s couplet advocating religious indifferentism. Thanks for the help.

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