The Society

The Cardinal Manning Society is a group of faithful Catholics who are interested in promoting the life and work of His Grace, Henry Edward Cardinal Manning. Our aim is to make his work readily available in as many media formats as possible to enrich, inspire and grow the Church Militant.

“Do not fear to be thought over-strict ; do not fear to be reproached as extreme ; do not fear to be in a minority.” Cardinal Manning.

Contact Information
If you would like to get more information or help in the promotion of Cardinal Manning, email:

2 Responses to The Society

  1. Russell Sparkes says:

    Dear James

    Wonderful work! I have long been a great admirer of Manning, and am delighted that you are making his life and works better known.


  2. ian Prigg says:

    “His life was gentle and the elements so mixed in him,that nature might stand up and say to all the world;this truly was a great Prince of Holy Mother Church!”

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