On Prayer

Ask in faith and in perfect confidence, and God will give us what we ask. You may say, “But do you mean that He will give us the very thing?” That, God has not said. God has said that He will give you whatsoever you ask; but the form in which it will come, and the time in which He will give it, He keeps in His own power. Sometimes our prayers are answered in the very things which we put from us; sometimes it may be a chastisement, or a loss, or a visitation against which our hearts rise, and we seem to see that God has not only forgotten us, but has begun to deal with us in severity. Those very things are the answers to our prayers. He knows what we desire, and He gives us the things which we ask; but in the form which His own Divine Wisdom sees to be best.

By prayer is meant not vocal prayer only, but the prayer of the mind, and of the heart sustained habitually by recollection of the presence of God, and articulated often in silence by desires, aspirations, momentary petitions in the actions and trials of the day.


One Response to On Prayer

  1. Barbara Hvilivitzky says:

    So, I guess the smart money asks that “God’s Will be done,” as well as asking for a particular thing – then we can’t miss.

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