Manning Facts

1.) Did you know that Cardinal Manning frequently called upon St. Francis DeSales in his times of trial? Saint Charles Borromeo was said to become one of Manning’s patron Saints as well.

2.) The first sermon Manning preached as a Catholic was at the little church in Horseferry Road in the slums of Westminster. In St. George’s Cathedral, Southwark, he delivered four lectures which were listened to with special interest at the time, as it was thought he might give a personal account of his own conversion, but Manning confined himself to an exposition of Faith in general terms. (Life of Cardinal Manning-Edmund Sheridan Purcell)

3.) Many non-Catholics, and especially clergymen, some of whom had known him as an Anglican, came to listen to the celebrated convert. Large numbers came to consult him at Farm Street, and how many even in these early days were converted by his precept and example who shall count ? As time went on the numbers who were received by him into the Church grew in multitude year by year. (Life of Cardinal Manning-Edmund Sheridan Purcell)

4.) Did you know that Fr. Faber instructed and worked with Manning at the oblates before Manning was ordained in Rome in 1851? Manning was ordained a priest only 10 weeks after his reception into the Catholic Church.

5.) Did you know that Cardinal Manning was recommended by some to be the next successor of Saint Peter after Pope Pius IX? It is also reported that he even received votes in the Conclave in which Pope Leo XIII would eventually become Pope.

6.) It was by the intervention of Pope Pius IX that Manning was elevated to the Archbishop of Westminster in 1865 replacing his friend Cardinal Wiseman. Despite the recommendations of other candidates, Pope Pius IX moved the then Monsignor Manning directly to Archbishop.

7.) According to Manning’s own records, he numbered 346 converts to the Catholic faith between 1851 and 1865. Some notable converts were the Duchess of Buccleuch and the Duchess of Argyll.

8.) Cardinal Manning was instrumental in providing Catholic education to the poor and middle class, and in the first year of his ambitious education plan he built twenty day schools and provided education for 1100 poor children. Later he would invite many religious orders into England to provide Catholic Education to children of lessor means. The Sisters of Charity, The Sisters of Mercy, The Poor Servants of the Mother of God and the Marist Brothers were just some of the orders he invited to help him in the task of spreading a strong Catholic education to all those in need.

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  1. Henry Kelly says:

    Thank you for this website. I enjoy reading material by and about the Anglican converts
    like Manning and Newman and Knox.

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