Our Accountability Towards God

In the Church today we have a mindset that everyone is OK, no matter wether or not they accept and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is proclaimed infallibly by His one and only Church, the Catholic Church. Modernism has falsely taught that most men are just ignorant and they are therefore not accountable for what they believe and how they live their lives. We even see this mentality being paraded about by bishops and priests in the Church today. Do we think that everyone will get a free pass to stroll about in willful ignorance to the truth? The Cardinal had this to say in regard to our accountability, and our duty as men towards the acknowledgment of almighty God. We will all be judged on what we did or did not do in regard to what we believe and how we live our lives. There are only a few in the world who could ever in their right minds admit to invincible ignorance. As for the majority of humanity, as the Cardinal once preached, “woe to that man who says, ‘ I will not read ; I will not hear ; I will not listen ; I will not learn…”

“Whensoever the light comes within the reach of our sight, or the voice within the reach of our ear, we are bound to follow it, to inquire and to learn ; for we are answerable, not only for what we can do, by absolute power now, but for what we might do if we used all the means we have ; and therefore, whensoever the Church of God comes into the midst of us, it lays all men under responsibility; and woe to that man who says, ‘ I will not read ; I will not hear ; I will not listen ; I will not learn ;’ and woe to those teachers who shall say, ‘ Don’t listen, don’t read, don’t hear ; and therefore, don’t learn.'” Cardinal Manning (From the Sermon: The Church, The Spirit and The Word)
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